Rate Schedule

All collections are NO COLLECTION-NO CHARGE.


Our fee structure is anything under 1 year is 1/3 & anything over 1 year we split.


After two calls we send our Licensed and Bonded reps to see the debtor.

(On large claims over $5,000 only)


We are a worldwide collection agency and we can handle any claim in just about any country (Special Rates Apply). ON LARGE ACCT

K.C. Victor is a Full Service Firm

Full Service means that ability to respond to the full service spectrum of credit needs from Loss Prevention, Restitution, Background Profiles, Remittance, Minimize losses, Credit Report Services & Notary Services


We provide these services at the most reasonable rates in the industry. Moreover, many of our ancillary services are either free of offered at a nominal cost.


We want to become an extension of your credit department. A company’s credit department is most efficient working with its current customer base and expanding credit to new, qualified customers.

Typical Warning Signs

* Falls out of normal paying patterns.

* Avoiding Contact

* Breaks First Promise

* Makes Partial Remittance

* Breaks Second Promise

* Refuses Certified Letters

* Refuses To Honor COD

* Financials Unavailable

* Final Demands Not Kept

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Toll-Free 1 (888) 584-1144

Local (561) 330-9930 

Fax (561) 370-9803 

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